Australian sustainable fashion

Welcome to Taboo Fashion, the leading business offering Australian sustainable fashion and setting new trends in the bohemian fashion lifestyle.

We’ve been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, and we’ve grown a strong environmental and social view, helping our customers adopt an alternative lifestyle away from consumerism; we’ve turned into the major solutions providers for Australians with a sustainable fashion style in their priorities. Using our knowledge in this industry and aligning all the things we’ve learned about fashion at a global scale, we make sure we can offer the best garments, from top of the line jewellery, to eclectic fabrics that emulate Indian style, all of them made here in Australia. 

At Taboo Fashion, our main goal is offering you and all our customers a different style they can trust when they want to feel comfortable with your own skin; and our way to achieve this is through Australian sustainable fashion options. We have no barriers, and we believe in empowering people through the garments they choose to wear on a daily basis. By selecting Taboo Fashion, you’ll be trusting a specialised business with a strong ethos of supporting Australian cottage industries, treading lightly on this planet.

You can access to our accessories and clothes collections on our online store, which has been designed to be a user-friendly interface where you can easily order what you like the most in only a few clicks; always at an affordable price. We believe there’s a powerful way in which we can improve our customers lives, and that is thanks to our superior Australian sustainable fashion solutions. Speak to us today if you want to know more about our products or the easy purchase process you can complete online; we’ll be happy to assist you.